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Tonight I am having a FREE webinar at 7pm EST to help you make a plan to get out of the mess to enjoy the nice weather to come!

The image below was what happened here, at my apartment last night.

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 8.31.27 AM

I had begun to cover my refrigerator with contact paper because it was dented and scratched. I had a note on it to remind me about the webinar tonight.

My daughter Emily, who was visiting saw my chalk and said “If this was in my room I would never get anything done!” and began to have some fun. I assumed she would fill the entire space, but instead she made the reminder to myself ART 🙂

So I’m sharing it here as an idea to make a fridge more fun, and if it is imperfect on the outside but perfect on the inside you can camouflage it with some contact paper! I did this in my old house with flowered paper that matched my kitchen.

ALSO, I am sharing this as a reminder to show up for my FREE webinar tonight at 7pm EST. Click HERE to REGISTER!

I can’t wait to get together!

The Tidy Tutor

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