Family Celebrations & The Perfect Holiday

We celebrate Easter and part of our tradition is to color eggs.

This was the first time that my grand daughter could do this, and Emily (My daughter) asked me if I wanted to color eggs with them.

I get the video set up as Grandma’s do, and when I watched it I thought how appropriate it would be for me to share something with you.

There was so much that happened during the egg coloring moments that was imperfect.

Lilly was dropping eggs, she put them in a cup with other eggs, and plopped them in, she even ate one of the colored tablets! (not shown in the video)

The way my daughter handled all the mishaps made me so proud of her… and it made me think of this message.

So many of us want everything to be perfect and we often have expectations that cannot be pulled off, and it sets us up for disappointment and then we miss the point of celebrations and of life in general.

If your house is a wreck, and it is a celebration time, we are faced with a choice, to do the best with what actually is, and be happy anyway or stress over something that we just can’t do anything about in this particular moment and make life miserable for ourselves, and all we live with, and have a holiday come and go without joy or peace or love attached to it.

The time will pass and when all is said and done, it’s about how we love.

Do the best you can in the reality you are in, and when the celebration is over, come on over to visit me at Www.TheTidyTutor.Com

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it. xoxo

Much Love to you!






The Tidy Tutor