We will only be consistent in doing what we believe is possible, not what we believe is possible for other people, but what we believe is possible for us.

We’ve got to create a new identity. Up until now, it has been created for us and we will only do what we identify with.

So if we identify as slobs that is all we will ever be.

This is extremely important to your success and we must begin here.

Did you know that doing something over and over again creates pathways in our brains and that those pathways dictate our behaviors?

This includes what we think consistently about ourselves.

These pathways are like railroad tracks, we just follow the groove. They become behaviors, they become our habits, what we do and how we live.

When we begin something new it is imperative that we keep at it so that the old pathways grow over like a deer path no longer used in the forest and a new “deer path” or brain groove is able to form.

When we want to change something in our lives, we must create a new groove in our brain that will become our new norm.

Be aware, our old norm is there, in the shadows, waiting to snap back into place, almost coaxing us to drop the new way so it can creep back in, get comfortable and erase the new groove we’ve been working on.

This is where belief comes into play!

We will not do, over and over again, what we do not believe we can achieve.

I am asking you to take your life back so you will stick to the actions that will get you what you want and create the changes you desire.

Write your own script. Tell your own story. Challenge the status quo.

You can create a new reality for yourself, and it starts with thoughts, not behaviors.

We can do things differently using willpower, and we will see results,  but we will not continue faithfully toward a goal that we don’t believe we can achieve.  We won’t keep it up.

Without abandoning what and who we identify with that is creating the reality we want to change, it will be just a matter of time before futility seeps in and we quit or sabotage all our efforts.

Believe In yourself,
Believe that you can….
and make a decision to have faith in the process… in these lessons.

Your first lesson is to question what you believe about yourself.

If you hear yourself saying things like  “You’re so lazy,” stop yourself and say, “No, you’re not lazy”

Use the negative words you say about yourself to be a trigger a reminder to challenge those beliefs, this will begin to create a new you.

Change negative words… Say…   “You are a go-getter!” or “You are fully able and capable!”

Ask yourself when you say something negative about yourself…

“Do I HAVE to believe that?”

Challenge it, and turn the words around!

You will begin to establish a new thought pattern (growing a literal pathway) in your brain!

We just have to train ourselves to be what we want to be, just as we have been trained to be what we have become.

There is so much more to this, but for now, this is a wonderful start!

Remember that being organized and neat is a learned skill.

We aren’t all born organized, just like everyone is not born musical.

Some are gifted with abilities inborn, but most aren’t. The rest of us have to learn how.

There are way more of us OCP (organizationally Challenged People) than there are the OGP (Organizationally Gifted People) but because of the social stigma, we don’t want to admit our disorder so we aren’t aware how many of us there actually are.

Now for your first action step.

This has the most impact and is the one constant regardless of what is going on in our lives.

Remember all I’ve written about belief and the words you speak to yourself, and remember this too… we are not good at something we are just beginning.

Cut yourself some slack and just do the best you can. Let me know how many days you’ve stuck to it.

CLICK HERE to begin your first action Step – How to start your day.


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