TIOT – Letting Go of Emotional Clutter

Emotional clutter is not physical stuff, but it still takes up important space.

It lingers in our minds. It actually takes up valuable territory that invades our thinking.

Being human, we often tend to emotionally stuff down our feelings, embarrassing moments, or things we have done that we are not particularly proud of.

We don’t want to deal with them, so they end up renting room in our minds.

Instead of addressing those issues at the time that they appear, they linger, like a pile of dirt we sweep up but didn’t pick up.

Unaddressed emotional issues hang around in our minds and stops us from being who we need to be.

Emotional clutter makes it so hard to function properly.

Just as we can’t live as we’re intended to in our homes with physical clutter that hinders us from getting anything off the ground; the mental clutter stops us from reaching our full potential as a person; and neither is a small issue for us.

In this particular “Throw it out Thursday” video (which I really hope you will watch, there is so much more in it than what I have written here)

I speak about the word responsibility and what it actually means. I talk about how we can respond to life’s happenings, and act on them instead of reacting to them as if we have no control.

To de-junk emotional clutter we must forgive, aka let go of the hurt, regret, injustice or pain we are holding onto. Forgiving is for US really, more than for anyone else.

The topic of this video came to be because of a question I received from one of my students and it made me realize that this is a little taste of how Tidy Tutor is way more than a “Get Organized at Home” one-stop shop. It encompasses all of life.

How we feel effects how we behave, how we behave effects how we perform, how we perform effects how we keep house and how we keep house effects almost everything.

Those of us who are living or have lived in chaos at home, know that living ordered lives touches way more than just dust the bunnies and bathtub ring.

Much Love
The Tidy Tutor University

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Vonnie Dasher - Reply

Forgot about this one. Tears.

Rose Sally Cleansheets - Reply

Kathy, the love and kindness you show in this video went straight to my heart. Second time I have listened to it. I have been doing the “tapping” from that lady’s website and I found it really helping me with past issues. Much love <3

Linda Johnson - Reply

Just watched the video on emotional clutter. I have been divorced for over 10 years and still have issues. I struggle each day wondering what I did wrong. My X haunts me daily. I have said I will never forgive him, perhaps it is time.

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