When Emergency comes-a-callin

I got a call about 1am from my younger daughter Emily.

“Mom, call Katie! I can’t hear you, it’s too loud where I am. This is Alyssa’s phone, mine is dead, i can’t help Katie because I don’t have my car. I can’t hear you. Just call her”

I hung up and called Katie.

She was in a car accident, she was alone and waiting for the police. She had hydroplaned getting off of an exit on the highway and hit a guardrail.

Katie sounded ok, just shaken and told me she was alright and would call me back.”

I’m writing this to you right now from the emergency room. Katie is sleeping and we are waiting to get the reading from the x-rays.

Back to the story… I had my grand daughter Lilly sleeping over. I couldn’t have easily jumped in the car and gone to Katie, but thank God she was ok… so, for the moment, i didn’t have to go anywhere so I fell back to sleep.

At 4am I got another call,

Katie: “mom, I’m not ok.”


Me: “Where are you?”


Katie “I’m home, I thought I was ok, I’m not.”

I live with my sister. The best thing for me to do was wake her up so I didn’t waste any time bringing Lilly home.

So I woke up my sister & she came into my room and got into my bed with Lilly.

Before I woke her I got dressed, splashed water on my face, ran a brush through my hair and explained to Lilly (who had woken up) that I had to leave but that Aunt Maria would be there with her.

The night before Lilly and I had gotten home about 10pm, we were out with other family members watching my sister and brother sing at a local restaurant.

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home, bought Lilly some ice cream (her bribe for leaving the festivities) and we were both tired and ready for bed!

It was cold, raining, muddy and foggy. We stripped out of our wet coats, hats and boots in the kitchen which is just inside the back door.

Lilly was very anxious for her ice cream but she knew we had to clean up our mess in the kitchen before it was ice cream time.

Picking up our coats and hats and wiping the bottom of my boots off with a paper towel, I decided to leave her little boots by the back door and dropped everything else in my room.

I got Lilly’s pjs out of the bag Emily had packed for her and dressed her right there in the kitchen.

Lilly continued to patiently wait for her ice cream while I put on her pajamas and got her set up in my bed.

My phone was set to Netflix and “Boss Baby” was her pick.

I didn’t want to put my clothes in the hamper or my boots away in the closet. She was so patient waiting for her ice cream so I left my clothes on the bed, put my pajamas on and went into the kitchen for her ice cream.

I put a towel on Lilly (to save my bedding from strawberry shortcake ice cream crunches) and handed her the “good humor“ ice cream bar.

I then put my things away and by that time she was finished.

We brushed our teeth and I got into bed next to her and we promptly fell asleep.

Then the calls came in…

When I was getting ready to get Katie, I was reminded of how I take for granted the way I live now.

I didn’t have to search for my keys or purse. I knew where my charger was and I didn’t have to be embarrassed to have my sister go into my room with the baby.

There were a few things I had to quickly put in their places, so I did and I left the house thinking of you.

There was a time when I didn’t live this way. There was a time that I needed someone to come into my home because I had no choice and was mortified.

The feeling was so vivid I could recall it right now and still feel it to my core.

I also remember panic looking for keys and shoes desperately needing to get out of the house for an appointment or a beeping horn. Horrible… no one should live that way and it was what I used to say all the time to myself, outloud.

“No one should live this way.”

I didn’t want to, and I DID try to make it different. I thought there was something wrong with me because I couldn’t make it stick, ever.

There was nothing wrong with me. I simply didn’t know how to do it differently.

I could clean a house, but I couldn’t keep it that way, I could get the dishes and laundry done but they mounted just as fast.

I figured out that homemaking is a learned skill and everyone isn’t born knowing it, just like everyone isn’t born musical or good with numbers.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s something we should have been taught.

The thing is, most of Us were “taught”… An attempt was made as we were growing up and I’m sure you are doing the same thing or have done the same thing with your children.

“Go clean your room.”

“Pick up that mess”

Put away your toys… clothes… books… shoes…”

When you are right brained you think differently than the mainstream.

We learn differently.

So the left brain training in the world won’t help us improve.

We hear all their instruction like Charlie Brown hears his teacher… “wa,wa,wa,wa, wa!”

If you say to yourself all the time,

“No one should live this way”


“we’re going to clean the house up and this time it’s going to stay that way!”

If you don’t want to experience the horror of a family member or stranger needing to help you in an emergency do something about it now.

We don’t have to wait till we hit the bottom to do something about what we want or how we live.

We can choose to trick fate.

There are 2 doors in front of you right now.

Door number 1 and door number 2.

Which one will you walk through?

The door that has today and yesterday and the day before waiting for you behind it?

Or the door with a new bright future, filled with hope, surety, direction and focus, filled with a language you understand and instruction you can implement with joy?

Katie just woke up & ironically she was saying how it was one of the things she thought of when she called me to come get her.

That she was thankful her home was tidy and that it would be easy for her to tell anyone who had to go in there to get anything for her where to look for it..

And when she gets home to convalesce (6 broken ribs 3 of which are displaced and a broken sternum. Yeah… ouch!) she will be able to navigate easily and cozily, looking forward to her bed and kitchen, bathtub and living room.

It’s no small luxury to live in a home you’re proud of.

…All of that to tell you…

Door number two is waiting for you right now.

I have developed a program that is completely complete. It speaks your language and there is nothing left out.

It is called Tidy Tutor University.

It is a new year! A clean slate! A new beginning!

And there are new friendships and experiences waiting for you inside my Tidy Tutor World!

I’m waiting for you there.

Let me get to know you and help you live the life you know you should be living.

Click here and enroll!

There is a 30 day money back guarantee!

For under a $1 a day to change your life and become who it is you were born it be?! I wonder what you are waiting for!? Classes will not begin again till April! Don’t wait.

See you on the inside!



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Jeannine - Reply

Happy to hear ur daughter is ok. Much love ,light & peace. Jeannine from Brooklyn.

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Thank you Jeannine.

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Thanks so much Jeannine 🙂 We are neighbors!

Diane Smith - Reply

Light and love to all of you…having fractured a rib, I know the discomfort Katie is faced with. Grateful your wisdom is providing her the comfort of her home. And grateful to be one of your students–the other night after midnight, I had a serious nosebleed–after 45 minutes later, I decided to call the nurse hotline–I was able to tell my husband precisely where the nurse hotline number was in my purse–it was so empowering.

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Thanks for your comment Diane. And it does my heart so much good to hear that I am making a difference. How wonderful it does feel to need something and know exactly where it is when we need it.

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    That is wonderful! Not that you had a nosebleed of course. But that you were able to get what you needed and you FEEL the empowerment of being in control of your world.

Linda - Reply

That is not a call any mother wants to receive. So glad she is on her way to recovery & safe at home. You are so right about how we are to be organized in times especially when the unforeseen happens. That is a lesson for all of us.

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Thank for the comment Linda. I appreciate it so much. I was a bit concerned about writing a blog and sending it out as an email, but my sincerest desire is to help people who are living in the way that I was at one time, and it seemed like I could reach out in a way during this time that I couldn’t otherwise.

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Thanks Linda for the comment. I so appreciate the time you took to write it. We don’t think about how much of an impact it has on us until it happens. I will let Katie know your well wishes!

Pam - Reply

My light, filled with God’s love, goes out to you and Katie. Katie is such a strong woman and in the time I was honored to spend with her, I was able to bask in her light! I know she will heal quickly and in the process she’ll get to learn how blessed she is to have an amazing family and friends. I’m so thankful that she is alive!!

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Thank you Pam! I just read your comment to Katie and we appreciate your thoughts and prayers for her. Thank you for the kind words they mean so much.

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Thank you so much Pam. She is already doing better. We are all very thankful, and I plan on having a party! We always sort of celebrate a loss with ceremony, I want to have a rejoicing party. A un-repass so to speak!

Mary - Reply

I am so sorry Katie was hurt, but I’m very glad she will be okay! Hugs to you, Strong Woman! <3

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Thanks so much Mary. The purpose of the email was because I know the devastation of being caught in an emergency and not having it together at home. Thanks for you kind words and the time you took to post the comment.

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Thank you Mary!

janice - Reply

Thank goodness she will be alright. Yes!!! to all you wrote. I once had an emergency with my husband. Rushing around trying to find things. Trying to explain to someone where to find things when they went to the house to feed pets. Having to clean up so he could have a helper in. I’m getting back on track for 2018. Thank you for the reminder.

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Hi Janice. I know that you get it, having been in that situation yourself. It is totally devastating when we have to open up our homes to people and it is in a ‘state’… I hope you will consider Tidy Tutor University http://Www.TheTidyTutor.Com/ttu (you can find out more about it by clicking that link, the price will not stay what it is for long only $29 a month, under a $1 a day to change your life so dramatically you won’t recognize it when your through.

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Yes, she is going to be all right, she is getting better every day. It is so bad when the house isn’t together in general, but for it to be a mess when there is an emergency is just horrible! Tidy Tutor University will be closing till April if you want to be a part of it, I hope you will check it out. http://Www.TheTidyTutor.Com/ttu

Narelle - Reply

Kathy my blood ran cold when I started reading your email. I was fearful for the outcome. I’m so pleased that your daughter is recovering. Our children are so precious no matter their ages. Recently my youngest girl faced a different sort of emergency so I was anxious for you that your daughter was doing better.

It’s interesting how our ability to live day to day casts such a long shadow. It doesn’t change what happened but it meant you didn’t have to add the shame/guilt, frustration/exasperation to the situation, as you hurried out the door. Some of us take that as a normal part of a family emergency. Thank you for sharing the difference a “Tidy” life made.

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Thank you for writing. I hope your girl is doing well. And we do take living in an ordered home for granted when it is the norm. Thanks again for taking the time to write.

Kathryn - Reply

Hello Kathy,
Glad your darling girl is ok and will recover.

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Thanks so much Kthryn 🙂

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Thank so much Kathryn, she’s doing better every day.

Monika Marsollek - Reply

Dear Katie, I hope your daughter is well soon and able to take her time to recover. How great to have a net of family and friends to take over and support us, if needed. And how much more support we can give, if we haven’t to think about how our sourrounding looks like in those moments! I knew what you were talking about! Last April an old driver ignored the red light on a big crossing and hit my car so violently that it turned around and left on the roof. I was able to open the seat belt and to crawl outside, because there were already people, opening the car door, I’ll never forget the hands outstretching to me, to help me out. I was shaking but could go and wanted to go home immediately, but no way, I of course had to wait for the police and emergency car and to go to the hospital. I told everybody, I was ok… the pain came after, but like a miracle, nothing was broken. Like another miracle among the helpers was the mother in law of my nephew, who lives in another town! She got my backpack from the car, hold my hand and called my sister, who called my husband, who was with his mother some hundred kilometres away. 2 of my sisters came immediately to the hospital and I had company until my husband arrived, whom I could tell, what to bring to the hospital, where I had to stay 3 days. And I could tell him exactly, where all the things I needed, are…I had other times in my life, if you know what I mean…😌 So I had kind of a calm feeling inside about that. I recovered quite quick , but had pain for months and some mental issues to drive again and feeling good while driving. I searched for support which helped. Hope that doesn’t happen to Kathie. My best wishes and prayers for her! Love to you all, Monika from Germany❣

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Thanks so much for the time you took to write to me Monika. I see how you understood the importance of my blog. It is really devastating to be in a mess and then have some kind of strategy strike. I’m so glad you are well. Katie is already doing better. Thanks again and I will be sure to tell her your best wishes 🙂

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    That must have been so scary! Thank God you are all well and didn’t break any bones! Its also wonderful that you had things in order to bring peace to a very chaotic time. I’ll be sure to tell her you send your prayers!

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