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Mark Stelmack - Reply

Thank you Kathy.Keep up the good work.I know you help a lot of people. Your friend. Mark

Lacy Wallace - Reply

The Tidy Tutor gets how we tick. As a naturally “scattered” person, I’m telling you this system will change your daily life. This isn’t just about keeping your house tidy–it’s also about getting your mom’s birthday card out on time and knowing where your keys are on your way out the door–she helps you organize your home AND life.

Rocio Ochoa M - Reply

Thank you Kathy, you are a Blessing in my life, I have pray to God for long time, I have an illness call Depression, i have being medicated for some years, my doctor told me to look deep Inside me! Chapter 8 readed by you, I listened several times, I find the cure in your words, I hope tomorrow is THE FIRST DAY OF MY NEW LIFE, I am your student at TTU, I have listened all Sessions, I have my binder

Rocio Ochoa M - Reply

But I haven’t have the courage to start declutering

Rocio Ochoa M - Reply

Thank you, will never be enough, I realy want to have Your Book, you are very kind and SHAREING! I will have you and your family in my Prays every day, I will send pictures of the before and after soon. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, take care much love, rocio

Hope Jones - Reply

How much does this cost? I need her help terribly but we dont have the extra money for it. Can someone tell me how much it will be please! Thank you so so much!!! Hope

Jelli Bean - Reply

I so NEED this i just subscribed to your youtube video so in a way its a start

Tammy Susan - Reply

Just saw your Messy Room video. I love you already. Loved when you said “nothing is wrong with you you just don’t know how”. Thank you. That statement in itself changed my world. Finally someone I can relate to. Thanks!!!!

Kelly Cashen Hench - Reply

I really enjoy your website and your free videos are very helpful. Thank you.

Kathy Marsden - Reply

I liked your utube video and found this site. I like your approach.

Kathy Dittus - Reply

Thanks for your free ebook and your videos! You make it sound easy 🙂 Thank you!!

Alissa Small - Reply

I am looking forward to reading this. I really need some ideas for keeping my house cleaned up.

Andrea Rugland - Reply

After coming across your site today, I spent about 3 hours checking out your videos which I was really relating to. Key words: overwhelmed, stuck, what’s the use, can’t seem to get myself in gear living alone, OCD, ADD, (borderline) hoarder?, no invited guests for last 5 years, … Maybe I should have been cleaning and doing other chores, but thought the time spent might be worth it if I could just learn a system that would actually work for me! I’m 67 years old- time to get my act together! Don’t want my kids to be stuck with my mess!

Bea N Michael Addison - Reply

I’ve tried doing flylady….I get overwhelmed. Is there a section that deals with hubby and child who love clutter? 🙂

Heather Mackay Jimo - Reply

Excited about this book! Thank you!!

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