Lawn work – Throw it out Thursday

What we do in The Tidy Tutor, is talk about house organization.
Getting organized at home.

I answer the question “How can I get organized.” I latch onto our unique brand of talent.
I speak to the creative soul, and we make things happen!

TIOT (Throw it Out Thursday) is all about clutter.

We must realize that we can not organize clutter.

Our number one obstacle is “TOO MUCH STUFF!”

You have asked this question, “help me declutter” and I send a video, one day a week, to help
motivate us all to getting rid of things.

It is in the steps forward that we are encouraged to continue on.

So many times we feel like we shouldn’t even bother.

The house is a wreck and we feel like it is futile to try.

Well, it isn’t futile to try. I can help and this is one of the videos I put out once a week
to help you to see that you aren’t alone and that things really need to be taken with
a grain of sand.

Do your best and be happy, Every day do something to move toward your desired result. To
live a happy and organized life, clutter free. Don’t see the entire picture. One litte piece at a time.

In this video I continue on with yard work.

Last night I did some work outside, then I went on the phone, and it got dark out.

I couldn’t continue till this morning when the sun came up.

So this TIOT is me, talking about getting rid of the prehistoric weeds that were growing
next to my house 🙂

What do you have looming to get rid of? Do it! Get rid of that stuff today 🙂

Please leave a comment, share this video and write to me, I love to hear from you!

Much Love!

The Tidy Tutor

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