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A solution to the “Craft Central” that our homes often become…

Here is a great idea to keep your house organized when you need to
do a craft or some kind of ongoing project that requires a work space at
home (usually it is our dining room tables.)

When we are done for the day with a craft project BUT it is not done yet,
we often don’t want to put everything away, and that gets us into trouble.


So in order to not have our house look like “who did it and ran” I show you, in this
video how we can do something creative with an apple box to keep ourselves on
track, cleaning up after ourselves like the best OGP (Organizationally Gifted Person)
on the planet!


In this video I show you how I wrap the top of the apple box, like a gift box, to store
my project while I’m working on it. I use good quality wrapping paper that matches
the room I am working in. It is a “How to Get Organized” while crafting video.

This also helps us to have staying power with that project, because the craft is easily
accessible and it keeps our homes looking good in the process. (our significant other
will love this!)

I know that we all have had our homes taken over by a craft project, where we couldn’t
use our dining room or kitchen tables for weeks on end… This is a great solution so that
doesn’t happen.

Another thing this video does is it brings a new awareness and helps us to realize a less
tolerant behavior regarding the allowance of cluttering up our homes.

There truly can be a place for everything and everything in it’s place 🙂

We do a step by step wrap job together here in the video. It is easy, and fun, and will
ensure that you will, Keep it clean 🙂

Let me know what you think, and if you do this, share your pics!

Much Love to you,
The Tidy Tutor

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