Consequences of Disorder

Have you ever pulled an all-nighter because you put something importat off? Can’t you remember how that felt? The panic, the exhaustion the dread! Ugh!

Us OCP (Orgaizationally Challenged People) have a warped perception of time we think everythign takes too long.

We don’t know what to do or when to do it, so it is no wonder we can’t prioitize.

When we have gotten ourselves into a position where EVERYTHING is a priority how do we begin?

We don’t.

Being disorganized has horrible consequences. I understand how far reaching they are, way more than what is seen on the surface.

The messy home is just a symptom.

Like a runny nose, or the hacking cough or the fever. They are signs that are a que to show us that we need to slow down, take care of ourselves and address things so that healing can take place and change can occur.

Most illness’ won’t just go away with out some kind of attention paid to them.

But what do we do with our personal and private lives?

We just keep going, we ignore the devistation of the symptoms while feeling the horrible effects of living in chaos & confusion… the mess.

But why? Why do we do that?!

It isn’t for a lack of trying! We try, we’ve tried, but nothing changed and sometimes things even got worse, so what is there to do?

We do’t know what to do.

Through yelling and tears, frustration and exhaustion we live our lives, day by day, in the mess, just getting by.

That is no way to live.

I want you to imagine something. Imagine there is a magic pill that you could swallow that will change everythging!

What if, after you took this pill, you would wake up with a knowing of what to do, and when to do it?

You know that it would take some time, BUT with this new vitality and direction everything would be taken care of!

What if this pill guaranteed, that when all was done, you would continue to keep it together?

What would you pay for that pill? What kind of a plan would you make to get your hands on that prescriptioin?

You would pay just about ANYTHING and here is why. Becuse you know that living in a mess effects ALL of your life. All of it.

And you desperately want off of the rolercoaster and the devastation that life has become.

I’ve got the pill. It is Tidy Tutor University.

You can get off the ride, and take your life back.

Here is the link to the magic pill 🙂

it is my course Tidy Tutor University.

But don’t take my word for it! Scroll down and read what people are saying and then, like Nike Says… JUST DO IT!  Take TTU and take your life back.

Much Love!




Here are what some of my people are saying:

“TTU gave me a step by step method for getting out of my mess. The difference is amazing! Just two of many things I have taken to heart are use the timer and happy not perfect. Thank you TTU!” – Cheryl


“So many ways my life has been impacted by TTU. If I had to quickly sum up the most valuable thing I’ve gotten, I’d have to say that even when my house has a little crazy going on I don’t tell myself  “here I go again” or “if only I could be more OG”.  I know in my bones that I’m in control. I no longer question whether or not I can make big things happen in my life. Nobody can take away or un-teach me what I’ve learned from Kathy Roberts!” – Christina


“First time in my life that I don’t have to think up an excuse to not let people past my front door, or even past the threshold. My first two guests in over ten years asked to use my bathroom, and my first thought was panic, but because of my success with the TTU my answer was “Why, yes. Yes you CAN” – Rose


“When I have a lot to do I no longer have to wish I had someone to come help me get it all done. I find peace in knowing when I work the TT system it works! I find motivation to getting it all done when I work with Kathy on video using my timer. Simple reminders that I get from TTinsiders whether I’m working on a whole room project, a zone, a routine, or simply getting stuff done make my life with a house of ten manageable… more confident and conscious believing because I’m seeing my results and other TT classmates results. With TTU I have different strategies to choose from depending on what I need to do…” – Baheejah


“TTU has given me freedom to do the things I want to do and not feel guilty. Now I do the things I have to do first then what want to do!!!” – Amoruitie


“I just love it and would recommend to everyone!! been dealing with lots of family issues and house moves (ours and my mums) and I have to admit I’ve not implemented it all properly yet but my life feels so much less out of control and I love kathy s practical down to earth solution focussed and no excuses attitude – just what I needed, and I also love getting updates and inspiration from all u lot;-)!!” – Marina

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