Clothing Clutter

Cleaning the clutter in our closets

When you have clothes all over the place because you have too many,
the question isn’t “How can I make them fit?” It’s “How can I scale down?”

If they don’t fit, they don’t fit, and you cannot make that happen,
short of getting a contractor and renovating your house.

Here I talk about clothes and a simple trick to be sure that you
don’t keep things that you really shouldn’t.

It really is a simple thing. I learned this from my OG friend Lisa
and have been doing it for years.

When you come across an item of clothing and you aren’t sure if you
should let it go, write today’s date on a piece of masking tape and
put it on the garment. When you are going through your closet again
and see the masking tape still on that item, you know you still haven’t
worn it, and the date will tell you haw long it has been.

If it is a seasonal item and you are going to change out your clothes
for the current season, and that tape is still on there, you know
it goes!

This helps so much with the decision making. You might love it, maybe
it was expensive, maybe you dream of fitting into it again. The fact
is, if you haven’t worn it, you aren’t going to, so it goes.

All of the reasons above were why you were keeping them. But the tape
is the reason that you are not.

Much Love to you!
The Tidy Tutor