The Pack Rat, The Women, and The Wardrobe – Wearing a Uniform Part 2

The Pack Rat, The Women, and The Wardrobe Series – Wearing a Uniform Part 2

This is the second post of a video series I am doing to determine how much clothes we really need and how we can find a wardrobe that suits us individually.

We can escape the over crowded closets, over stuffed drawers and the never ending pile of laundry. All of those things suck away all of our free time because we are constantly forced to manage our stuff instead of living our lives.

We will also discover that there is a freedom in having less.

The statement “Less is More” is no balony.

If you have way too much stuff and lots of clothes and find that it is difficult to downsize, you might find out through this series that it won’t be as difficult as you might have thought.

(If you haven’t seen the first video we did in Katies closet, here is a link so you can get the whole story and be hooked up with the entire series.)

Katie wanted to simplify her life and thought that if she chose the same type of clothes and had less variety she could create a sort of uniform for herself which in turn would help her achieve the simplicity she was seeking.

She figured that it would definitly simply her life because she would not need to make any decisions when choosing what she would wear every day, and shopping would also become super easy. Everything would match and fit together easily.

Today we see the progress Katie has made since last time and we will see the actual “Uniform” that she has created for herself.

While she says she still has to figure things out, she really is well on her way.

You will see that all 4 seasons are hanging in her section of the closet that she shares with her boyfriend.

I think we counted just over 35 pieces (not counting shoes, jewelry, sox and work out gear.)

I hope you enjoy the video and will leave a comment!

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Much Love,

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