Tidy Tutor University Success Package!

Get the House in Order and Organized So that you Have time For What Matters Most to You.

If you are more creative that means your are Right Brained. Right brained people have a difficult time breaking down tasks and sticking with the mundane. My system takes boring jobs and makes them doable, It helps you to see a big project and  break it down, as well as making those jobs fun… you will get it all done so that you can take your life back and spend time doing the things that you love!

Here is what You can expect from Tidy Tutor University Success Package!


Feel confident right from the start knowing that you will succeed in getting your house together and that it will stay that way.

Begin immediately with a doable plan and actionable instruction. You will feel great about yourself in the process, learning how YOU tick and discovering that you are wonderful just like you are.


Know what to do, where to start and how to keep the house company ready while you maneuver all of your “to-dos” like a pro!

One video at a time, one step at a time, together we break the code to what all the Organizationally Gifted people know. You will begin to see change happen immediately and you will feel it in your heart, that this time IT REALLY IS going to be different.


Personal guidance! I do not throw you to the wolves to figure it out. Change is the most difficult thing for us to accomplish. You get the course and the creator of it!

This is crazy!  Yup! You read that right! You get access to a private Facebook Group where Kathy answers questions, does a scheduled live weekly video, impromptu live videos on our Facebook page and a live Online meeting two times a month that is recorded for you.


Get to those things that you thought you would never be able to tackle!

Every room and space  will be addressed and taken care of, and you will have a real sense of accomplishment. In each and every session you are assured, and given the blueprint and tools to jump right in with clear cut instruction.

What’s inside…

You Get my 4 session DIY Proven to work Step by Step Online Get Organized Course and…

My exclusive Tidy Tutor Insiders Membership bonus courses and Cawfee Tawk Archives.

Live monthly webinars with Kathy called “Cawfee Tawk”  going over topics like “Fear of Getting Organized” and “What to do when Life Throws You a Curve.”

Amazing private Facebook group with access to Kathy where she answers your questions and offers support. Weekly Facebook Live videos and help from many other women just like you. 

Christine wondered why she should enroll in Tidy Tutor University – look what she found out.

I stumbled on The Tidy Tutor after I plugged in “organizing ideas” in a YouTube search. About 7 months ago, I watched and loved her first lesson. Although I truly appreciated Kathy’s approach and everything she said, I didn’t see how further lessons could be any more informative. I didn’t enroll in TTU (I do regret missing 5 months of this).  Fast forward 5 months, and I’m right back where I started, except this time I remembered The Tidy Tutor.  While I’m still relatively new, I can tell you that if you’ve made it so far as to be reading my message then you need this just as much as I do. Do it! Take the course! Join insiders! It is IMPOSSIBLE to regret!Note from kathy: That was over 2 years ago! Christina is still going strong, she is actually a minimalist now and has gone back to school. She continues to give testimonials and thanks and is a major contributor inside our private Facebook Group.


Is this Course Right for You?

This is for you if….

  • You say yes to everything even if it’s going to mess up your day.
  • ​You wish that when you cleaned a room up that it could stay that way. 
  • ​You are always looking for your keys and shoes and glasses, and purse, and lots of stuff…​.
  • You hardly ever finish anything you start. 
  • You often feel desperate, confused, and hopeless when it comes to getting the house cleaned up and organized. 

This is not for you if…

  • You ​look at your planner before ​you answer someone with a request for help.
  • You know how to clean your house and it always stays clean. It is company ready 24/7
  • You are on time for everything, in fact you were born on your due date! 
  • You always prioritize your day and stick to your plan. 
  • You have a place for everything and everything is in it’s place

See Results! 

Try Tidy Tutor University 30 days money back guarantee.

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“The combination of Kathy’s course and the support she’s created within the membership along with her personalized help made this a true success story for me. I never imagined I would get so much value and achieve so much so quickly.” – Yalda 

I absolutely love TTU, it’s such a great course! Thank you Kathy, it’s probably the best investment in my life I’ve ever made!


Being connected to Kathy has really been a life changing move . I’m about to materialize all the dreams I couldn’t even imagine before I joined her on life’s journey . Purpose , direction , motivation , and setting goals for myself. It’s all happened and is happening now.  Kathy is truely blessed . And so am I to have her as my friend and teacher. Everybody around me knows about her and her influence on me. I’m different than what I was . I’m better than I was . XXOO

Timothy Leap