Cawfee Tawk Registration

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2cleanornot2clean - Reply

Hi. Have the Cawfee Tawks been replaced with Periscope? If so, I am set up to get your Periscope notifications. Thanks Kathy!

The Tidy Tutor - Reply

2cleanornot2clean NO… Cawfee Tawks are specific to TTU and very personalized. Periscopes are a way for me to help people see what it is that I do. I offer help, but mostly they are to encourage people to take TTU or at least check it out. Sue. Do you know how to register for Cawfee Tawks? You go into your library. You can see the link there.

2cleanornot2clean - Reply

Hi Kathy,
The image and link for Cawfee Tawk for me is on the University page, not the Library. It’s a beige square or a hyperlink in the caption. Both come up with the 2015 dates. Any advice on how to connect today? Thanks!

blmenden - Reply

Hi Kathy
Am I registered for today’s Cawfee Talk at 4pm pacific standard time/7pm East coast time?
Barbara Mendence

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