Cawfee Tawk (House-Keeping)

What is a House Keeper?
Is it important to Keep House?
What does it mean to Keep House?

How To Clean A Home: Organization For The Home & Your Life

The subject of this video is housekeeping, Why is this topic important? Why must you keep this topic in your mind always? How is it that we can want something so badly and just can’t seem to make it happen? I believe it is Imperative to know how important house keeping is, and what it actually means to maintain success., keeping house, organization for the home, decluttering and prioritizing for an organized life.

When we google “Housekeeper” we see women in uniform, like they clean hotels.
How Important is it? How important is ‘house keeping? It is majorly important so it’s always time to start cleaning.

Keepers at home
In Titus verse 2 Paul instructs elder women to teach young women to be “Keepers at home” This is where we got the word Housekeeper. It is such a shame that it has become known as “subservient.” It is anything but that.
The quote below is from: What Women don’t know (and men don’t tell you)
by Michelle McKinney Hammond & Joel A. Brooks Jr.

“Whether you have chosen to
anchor your faith in God or not,
the Scriptures are still universal law.
Whether you believe them or not,
they still work.”

The reason I have quoted that book is because I am using biblical scripture to explain my point, and they said it so well, I thought I would just use their words.

The word Keep: Oikouros
from oikos – house, household, family
and ouros – guard, guardian, watcher, warden
The“keep” commission of God
Genesis 2:15 and also in Titus 2:5 both are about protecting, watching, guarding. The job to “Keep House” is a serious one
We need to watch what comes in our houses? Here, daily planning becomes important . What do you allow in your house?
Until now, did you even think about it? What are you spending time on?
What are you talking about? We need to take, taking care of our houses seriously. Act as if it is your profession. Stop gossiping. Everything gives off something, you Don’t you have a different feeling when you opened it and after it was clean?
There was a time when ‘homemaking’ was an important job… What happened?
That is a sociological discussion. But around 1980 you were either lazy if you stayed home, or you were a bad mother if you went to work.

Let’s talk about World War II and Rosie The Riveter. During World War II, the Kaiser Company built shipyard child care centers for working mothers.

“The Springfield Armory in Massachusetts depended on women workers during World War II. The day care center which was located across the street from the Armory, indeed proved to be a huge benefit for both the women workers and the factory owners.”

“Day care became a site of patriotism for many Americans. Such centers provided working mothers with the security that their children would be safe while they worked in factories across the country.”

You gotta, Dress for it! Delegate, and Get help! Have a meeting with who you live with has to happen, you don’t live there alone. Living life is messy, but you organize the home, you live better.

When someone wins the lottery… they never say we are going to quit our home!
Home is what we work for. Yet we give work the most attention because we have forgotten how important home is, we have taken it for granted. We get dressed up and look good for strangers outside the house that we don’t love, and we don’t care what we look like at home with people that we do love. That isn’t right, and it doesn’t make for a successful home life.

This video is inside of my members area. We get together once a week to discuss particular topics, it is interactive. If we want to get organized, we need support.

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