Bonus Tip- Morning & Evening Routine

Bonus tip – bringing it all together

In tip #9 “Determine a Bedtime” we put together a night time routine.

I am introducing to you now, a morning routine. This is something to include with it and will bring it all together for you.

Your morning routine is something you will do every morning as soon as your feet hit the floor, before you go on the computer or any other ‘fun’ distracting thing that we LIKE to do.

We have already established tips that are incorporated into our daily lives. Here we will be putting them together to establish direction, which will bring predictability and focus to your day.

All of the proceeding tips #1-10 will be incorporated here.

Doing the same thing every morning makes for a wonderful foundation to our day, and doing essential things first sets us up for success in achieving your goal to live an organized life!

Below you will see a mini-morning and evening routine. Write them out on 2 index cards and put them up somewhere in your kitchen, on the fridge, a bulletin board, or tape it to a cabinet door.

Be sure to put them up somewhere where they can be seen, read, and referenced.

Morning Routine:
Wake up on time, make bed, put clothes in dryer,
shower, groom, dress, check calendar/to do list
you made from last night, eat breakfast, fold laundry
or lay flat

Evening Routine:
Prepare for bed – Wash face, brush teeth, PJ’s, clean
up after yourself check calendar, make to-do list for
the following day, put things needed for tomorrow by
door, put in a load of laundry, go to bed on time

We like to SEE what we have to do. Conceptual things kinda float
out there, unable to be reached and had.

I have a system that is visible and helps us to SEE what we are to do, and what we actually have done. It gives us direction and offers encouragement at the same time, what you are getting in these tips are some of the components of that system.

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Much Love to you!


The Tidy Tutor

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