Baby Clothes

Today we are going to talk about baby clothes. If you have a little baby,
and you’re just coming home from the hospital, most likely you are going to
have presents.

You probably had a baby shower and often clothing are given in various sizes.

People who love you and have babies, are going to bring you clothing that
their baby has outgrown.

I’m telling you to be careful right from the beginning to sort through them
all right away. Only keep what you absolutely love and fits in the area that you have
deemed for them.

If you don’t have enough room for storage then take those things to a consignment shop
or to goodwill, or just tell the people that are giving them to you that you cant
keep everything beacuse you don’t have room and they can take back what you can’t use.

If you do have room for storage it’s really important to mark the box with
what is in it, and what size is in that box too.

Say you have all size 18 months, but the baby is in 6 months now, then it’s important
to keep a record, and I reccomend getting a 3 ring binder.

If you are part of my University then you have a three-ring binder binder already,
inside the binder make a divider for baby storage.

On a piece of loose leaf paper just behind that divider write what you have put
inside the box that you are storing, what size and where it is located in the house.

Then when it comes time that the baby needs some clothes you can open up that binder
and and look and see what you’ve got.

Everything else that you have, if it doesn’t fit in a closet or the drawers that you have
deemed for the baby, then you have to get rid of the excess, whatever doesn’t fit
just get rid of them.

Look at the things that you love the most and just Keep those clothes.

Sometimes it’s pretty difficult to let go of things that are just so adorable but if
they don’t fit don’t keep them! It bogs us down in life and you’re not giving
a really good foundation to your baby because it’s part of what we have to teach them.

We have to teach them how to function in life. and keeping more things than we have room
for is not a good function. 🙂

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think and any of your struggles.

Much Love,


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