7 Steps to Stay Focused While You Declutter and Organize.

On my latest Facebook Live video I answered this question that Robin Schade posted.

“Focus and intention. I notice that i have the best of intentions to organize a room, drawer etc. and then I start to micro focus on things. So if i see something that needs repair or a deep scrub I get off track and can spend hours repairing, fixing it or scrubbing hard water off something so tiny and insignificant that after awhile the whole day is gone! Ugh”

I give real, actionable steps to get started decluttering and organizing and keep going till the job is done. I talk about real things to do showing how to avoid the urge to quit or move on to do something that takes you off your game and in another direction.

Click HERE to get the templates that I talk about in the video, and the 7 written out rules I talk about too. The video is also included in the download so you can access it all on your computer any time you need it.  You’re going to love it!

There are 7 steps with an actual plan and templates to print out that are necessary to keep up the plan that you make to get any job done.


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