I’ve had this video I’m sharing with you on my computer for a few years now. I never shared it and I’m pretty sure I know why… 

  • I talk about elimination (pooping)
  • I talk about farting in public
  • I talk about God and give a Biblical reference
  • The video quality isn’t so great

But still I never deleted it. When I came across it yesterday morning I listened to it to see if I should pull the trigger and delete. But after watching I decided to post it on You Tube and post it as a blog.

I realized that I don’t care about any of the things that stopped me from posting it when I created it. Even though we’re in a very different time (2020) all of the advice given is still relevant, and I think there is pretty important stuff in there that should be shared.

I have written out some of the points here in this blog, but I hope you will watch the video because there are things I hadn’t written about that I discuss further in each of the point that you should hear.

5 Things to do to Have a After Merry Christmas

1. Go easy on yourself. Christmas requires a lot of prep and planning. All long term projects have always been a sore spot for us OCP (Organizationally Challenged People) Recognizing that even the OGP (Organizationally Gifted People) of the world have issues this time of year should help you see that you are not alone.

2. Take a checkup from the Neck-up. The days after Christmas can be emotionally draining. Do some self-care. It can feel like a let down for so many reasons… Acknowledge emotional pain, don’t push it down.

If we ignore a physical wounds it gets worse the same occurs with emotional pain. (watch the video I go into this deeper)

3. Make a housework plan. We tend to have a lot of stuff out right now. Do some de-cluttering and tackle the mess using a.”Crisis Clean” plan. Work 15 minutes in the living room, 15 minutes in the kitchen and 15 minutes in another room of your choice… and then repeat as often as you need. This will help to get stuff done while keeping you from getting distracted and help to keep you focused.

4. When you wake up in the morning shower, dress and groomed first thing, do this before anything. And get up 30 minutes earlier than you actually have to. This gives a sense of peace and dignity to your day. It sends a subconscious message that you are important and valuable. (again, more detail in video)

5. Make your bed – Even if your room is a mess. Even if you’re about to get in it. If you need to wash your sheets, and you don’t have any other then do that first thing in the morning. If you have an extra set of sheets, make the bed with them and get those sheets in the washer and see it through to the dryer, folding them and put them away.

Those are the 5 things… Here are a few bonus things that are important to do this time of year.

Drink a lot of water, have salad and create a bedtime routine for yourself.

Why Drink water and have salad? Our bodies are really run down right now. From October till January we’ve been abusing our bodies. Overeating, having more deserts and junk food has been the norm. Indulging in more alcohol than we normally do is something we do this time of year too, it all adds up to create an imbalance in the body. (With the lock-downs it’s probably been a lot longer than October to January.)

People call this flu season I call it body smart season. Well, right now we are in the midst of a pandemic so the season is a little different, but still the better our immune system the better things will be. This part still holds true, regardless.

When we don’t stop ourselves from abusing our bodies our bodies will insist. It will shut down and tell you, “If you won’t take care of me, I’ll MAKE you take care of me. Get to bed!”

I never see the flu as a bad thing. I see it as a subtle way our body has arranged it that we don’t ignore how we’ve been treating it.

Heading things off at the pass can go a long way.

So, we need to add more water, eat more raw veggies and have enough rest.

This is a great way to avoid being shut down by your body’s wise system.

Create a bed time ritual for yourself. Set a bed time, and let everyone know that you have, and then honor it. This will help you feel like the master of your universe. (again, more details in video)

Go to bed in decent Pajamas. Get rid of all the junky clothes that you probably throw on to sleep in. This is another way to send a subtle message to your heart that you are important and you matter.

I do encourage you to watch the video I go into more detail about each of these things. I think you’ll like it

Let me know what you think!

With Love,