We are on our last 4 days! We have been getting together during the pandemic, getting stuff done at home and spending time together.

There are 2 things I want you to know about: 

1. It’s been so wonderful for everyone who has participated, that I’m going to keep it up, but not on an everyday basis anymore. So stay tuned for the new schedule.

2. For the last 4 days, we’re going to do a little challenge 

Here is how it will go…

I am taking a course right now and I had an assignment… I was to rate every area of my home and possessions.

I had to take a look at every room in my house and take a minute to think about it. Did it make me feel poor? Did it make me feel like I wasn’t important? Would I be embarrassed by that space?

And then I needed to evaluate the things in each room, like my clothes, my underwear and my pajamas, for example.

What about my car? Was I caring for my car such as regular oil changes and repairs? Was it a mess? Did I regularly clear it out and keep it clean?

How about self care? Did I have a lot of discount lotions or things that I never used? What was in my refrigerator and cupboards? Did those foods represent someone who cared about her health?

You get the picture…

Then I was to improve things that I could improve. It didn’t have to be on a grand scale, just an incremental change had to be made.

This was such an eye opening assignment and some of the things I noticed were such an easy fix!

So for the next 4 days, that is going to be our focus and if you have an area of your life that needs improving, you could focus on something at home that is connected with that.

For example, if you want your love life to improve, maybe you can think of your bedding… Do the sheets need to be washed? Can you spruce your bed up and make it feel better than it does now? Do you have really old pillows? Would a mattress pad make a world of difference to how the bed felt?

What about your relationships? Do you need them to be better? If that is the case, maybe you can look at your entrance way… Is it welcoming and inviting? Do you need to clean it up? Take cobwebs down, wash the floor, get a new welcome mat, change the wreath on the door?

Choose something simple and something you can do in just 4 days. If you pick something you can do in just 1 day, then choose another thing to do on day 2, and so on!Even if you can’t make it, sign up anyway. You’ll get on my email list and I’ll be able to connect with you and let you know what’s going on next.

I’ll be able to let you know about the new schedule for our get togethers, too!

Ok, so, that’s it! CLICK on this link for all the details, to register for our online get together or to find out what’s next!

Thanks for being in my world and I’ll see you soon!