2019 New Beginning

A Totally new Beginning!

A NEW YEAR feel like a clean slate, doesn’t it? It’s like we have an invisible gauge to reference for progress.In some ways it’s sucky because there are so many expectations hung on how we do, but how can we do well at something when we begin something new? And as the month progresses, if we don’t see results, or we slack at all we get super discouraged. 

Somehow with getting organized we don’t recognize that we won’t get it all perfect right from the start, and when we step in a hole (and of course we will) it registerers as a failure instead of just an effect. Beginning something that is not the norm for us is wrought with sour notes.  If we don’t recognize the process, we become set up to stop what we started, and think we can’t do what we wanted, and so what do we do?  We quit. I have recognized this problem, and that is why I have revamped Tidy Tutor University, my signature “GET ORGANIZED” course so that your success is imminent!

Every sour note is viewed as a success because they are seen as progress, one step closer to mastery!I have planed so much for you this year. A totally new Tidy Tutor University, with a new name and with a new twist. 

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It is the same program that has worked so wonderfully for all who apply it.

The difference is, since I’ve been so engaged with students since 2011, and technology has changed so drastically, I have updated the course with all the lessons I’ve learned over time and recognize the new ways technology can  help, and at the same time, hinder our efforts.  This is all incorporated and part of the new TTU. 

We will begin on the 15th of January, but you won’t have to wait to begin.  When you enter your name and email, you will begin for free immediately.You can also get into a special FB group and begin with support, getting to know all the members who you’ll be working with after registration!

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Remember that nothing happens without effort. When you first begin it’s going to feel hard. Make a decision to give hard a different meaning. Think about this… going to the gym is hard, you ache after its over, BUT you’ve learned to give that a different meaning, it doesn’t feel like it sucks at all when your butt cheeks hurt, it feel like success! So when you wake up a little earlier, or remember that you didn’t get the load of laundry in and feel that pang of OMG NO!!! Change your thought… Give the feeling of “This is hard” a different slant… “WOW this is great! Look at me!”

Kathy Roberts – The Tidy Tutor

Standards and Identity. It is necessary to re-think your standards and what you believe about yourself. We will only change to the degree that we believe. 

Is it your standard to go to sleep without any preparation, crash and burn style?

Is it acceptable to leave dinner to be cleaned up later or in the morning?Rethink what is acceptable, create a new standard for yourself and then decide to live up to it! You can do it! I believe in you!! 

Kathy Roberts – The Tidy Tutor

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