Motivation and Help to Steer Clear of Chaos and Be in Control of What’s Going on at home.

I posted a live video on Facebook asking how I could help. This is a crazy time, and everybody is under tremendous stress and living in a way that is not the norm to say the least. To hook up with me on Facebook CLICK HERE

Here are 2 of the comments that were posted and below them I share some help.

“I’ve sort of fallen off my household routine. I guess a bit shaken by this whole thing. More tired than usual so didn’t get up early the last few days etc. staying motivated during such a crisis can be a challenge! But we all have each other! We gotta remember that!” – Elizabeth

“And I felt so much better when I followed the get dressed to my shoes and just jumped in. My 4 girls, 19, 17, 14, 9, are looking to me for guidance. I need to walk my talk. Thank you for your videos and help!” – Megan

I knew I had done a video that covered those problems in the past and I searched for it, have found it and it is posted below.

When I grab the WHY I need to do something, WHY it’s messed up to ignore what I shouldn’t be doing, and WHY doing something else will change everything and make everything better, I get motivated to do what I wasn’t before and the motivation and desire comes to me to do what I need to do.

This video will:

  • Inspire you to do things that you know you need to do.
  • Know what to take care of when, AND give you the push you need, to actually do it with gusto!
  • Help you implement self care without a spec of guilt.
  • Help you feel like your morning routine CAN be done, SHOULD be done and will motivate you to do it.
  • Give you the help to make a plan and see it through.
  • Help you avoid procrastination to do what you need to without the feeling of dread.

In the video I also give you the coaching that will help you through the tough spots when life throws in a wrench into our lives.

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