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November 1, 12

Thank you Kathy!

It’s so amazing how you repeat instructions.
Like you know it needs to sink in – many times.

And I love how you know how to talk to people who are struggling like us.

As you very well know I don’t share this issue with my friends so I love
being able to give you feedback .

I will make sure I will be washing my dishes tonight before I go to sleep.
My issue is I have those sinks divided into two. The other side is there
full of things I think I should wash and use but I haven’t done so in 2 years.

It’s like useable items that I will never use but I don’t want to throw.

So I’m thinking I should bag them and donate it tomorrow so that I can go to
bed with both sides of the sink clean.

Yes, I believe that is what I shall do.

I can’t wait to hear how to deal with these bookshelves full of magazines
I haven’t read in 10 years. And also how to use my room as a bedroom and
not just a path and my bed.

And my restroom, how I should get rid of this washer and this dresser in there.

Or be able to eat in my own dining room.

These are the things I’ve been dreaming of doing in so long.
Each night I think about doing it and each morning I don’t.

I’m in my late 30s now and I’ve been going through this since for almost
12 years. But now that I look back, I realize I’ve been going through this since
I’ve been a kid.

I had saved written notes for memories, and then gum wrappers from events.
I saved every rose given to me and so when we moved to this mobile home, after my
Father died, my Mom and I stuffed everything in this single wide home what we had
from a two story home.

Now, my Mother went back to her homeland and I live alone and I still have her
bedroom stacked with her stuff that I haven’t touched in two years. I live in plastic
bags of laundry and I am able to sit in one chair to watch television.

I will be your best student. Because I have been wanting to live free of this for so long.

Thank you for listening and understanding.


Where are you located Maria? I am very close to NYC.

I love your double sink! Yay you! Do you have a dish washer?

I love your idea!!!! Bag up those items in your sink that you don’t use and get
Them to good will!

You can even call some organizations and they will pick stuff up outside your

So much will come to you when you give what you don’t need.

Rhonda, it all starts with a shift in thinking.

You are wonderful just as you are, even if you never wash a dish or pick up a

You didn’t realize that you were so wonderful and that is why, when you
kept things you felt wrong instead of just a lovely woman who needed to
do things differently.

we are not animals. We Can see things we do as not good for Us and change
them. How cool is that!?

Your inability to let go of things and to live in order comes from your
creative, spontaneous and fun loving spirit!!

Your inability to make yourself part with things, comes from a belief that you
can not override your nature to keep things and, be your own parent and say

“Now Rhonda, I know you like that rose, but it will not serve you or make you
happy later on, so get rid of it. You will be happy you did, I promise!”

Instead you feel you don’t have the power to override your instincts to keep
stuff. But I am telling you, that you do!!!!!

It just takes practice! 🙂

Start now! With the sink and telling yourself that you are important, and
live with great dignity, like a queen, and are worthy of a lovely living space.

You can do whatever it is that you want to do!!

And you are not alone. I used to wake up every morning and ask myself
“what is wrong with me!”

I found out, Nothing is wrong with me! I Just had to learn things, do some things
differently and change my mind about some stuff.

Ill be there for you. Send me pics of your progress.
Ill celebrate with you and we can encourage others!!

Every day things will get better, even
Wonderful xxoo
Much love,


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Nathalie Doremieux - Reply

This blog idea is a great idea Kathy! It’s important that we do not feel we are alone in this. I love Rhonda’s determination! Like Tony Robbins says if you want things to change you have to change 🙂 and that can start today, right now 🙂

    The Tidy Tutor - Reply

    Thank you for your comment Nathalie, I love Tony Robbins… It is so true, I always tell my people, and myself, It only works when you work it!

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